Our Combat Cotton Trousers are made from durable material that has been built to last. The straight cut and slim fit give you the added benefit of a professional look and feel. Made from 100% cotton, these lightweight trousers are perfect for everyday wear or work, as they're comfortable and easy to move around in.

These mens bottoms sale for great comfortable fit, elastic band with buttons runs along inside leg of every trouser and it will keep your legs from getting wet when it rains.


  • Elasticated straight leg trousers
  • Approx 31 inches inside leg trousers
  • 2 combat side pockets, 2 pockets at the front and 2 pockets at the back 
  • Sizes Available M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
  • Colour: Navy, Olive, Grey, and Black.

Approx Waist Size Chart in Inches:

M= 30-32   L=32-34   XL=34-36   XXL=36-38   XXXL=38-40

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