How to clean hi Vis jacket?

How to clean hi Vis jacket?

Jan 12, 2023

Sehar Fatima

Maintaining a neat and clean appearance in your work uniform should be your number one priority at all times, regardless of whether you are employed in the construction sector or another field that requires high visibility (hi-vis) clothes.

Hi Vis clothing is a specialized kind of clothing that relates to the high visibility of a wearer from a distance, during the day and at night, notably in the fields of health service and security. This form of clothing is commonly used in these fields. They are also a component of the specialized uniform that is known as PPE, which stands for "personal protection equipment," and are worn by those in the construction, mining, and electronic industries.

In a similar manner, the washing of high visibility work wear develops into a procedure that is both unique and specialized for the same reason, which is that it must serve the same goal and fulfill the same function every time. In the next piece, we will discuss the proper way to launder a high visibility uniform as well as the steps that should be taken to ensure that it maintains its pristine appearance and vivid colors for as long as possible.

What You Should Consider When Cleaning Hi-Vis Clothing

The high-visibility apparel is typically available in neon colors, most commonly with a yellow, orange, or green background, and features strips of reflective tape on the arms, waist, and knees. When it comes to cleaning the high-visibility uniform, the most essential thing to keep in mind is to protect the reflective stripes from being chipped or losing their gloss. This will ensure that the base cloth keeps its vibrant color. In most cases, the labels sewn into high-visibility jackets and pants will include specific recommendations for washing and caring for the item of clothing. A high visibility uniform should only be washed according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer; beyond that, it should be discarded and replaced for reasons of health and safety.

Therefore, the directions must be carried out as stated. Aside from that, the number of times that a uniform is washed, the temperature of the water, and the PH value of the detergent that is used for washing and cleaning are the three primary aspects that can maintain a uniform useable and its colors vibrant for an extended period of time. To help you keep your high-visibility gear in good condition, here are some maintenance pointers.

Prior to a Cleaning

After working for a lengthy period of time, a lot of people take off their high-visibility uniform and toss it into the washing bucket. The first piece of advice is to not roll your jacket or your pants; instead, it is recommended that you hang them in the appropriate manner. The advantage of doing so is that it enables one to notice any stains caused by dirt or dust on the clothing. You should quickly wipe it off with some soft linen after dusting it. The creases in the garments can be removed more cleanly and effectively by hanging them up.

Measurement of Water Temperature

If you want to be successful in removing the stains from the high-visibility clothing you're washing, the water temperature for the wash should be around room temperature. Washing at a high temperature, on the other hand, is not advised because the sudden shift in temperature can damage the fabric as well as the layer of reflective tape, causing it to lose its sheen more quickly.

pH Level of Detergent

The level of alkalinity in the detergent and washing soap should never be allowed to get over 11, under any circumstances, since doing so will cause the threads in the fabric to deteriorate and will cause the reflective tape to lose its color.

Several times of washing

The colors of the base fabric and the brightness of the reflective tape will gradually fade away as the item is washed multiple times. This is the primary reason for this. In order to get more use out of your high visibility gear, you should try to wash it less frequently and instead wipe it off and dust it regularly.

Bottom Line

The high visibility uniform is a specific piece of personal protective equipment that is regarded as a vital component by the health, safety, and security service providers. They are made to be extremely visible in low light, large crowds, or any other potentially dangerous environment. This article offers advice on how to wash a high visibility uniform and discusses several crucial aspects to keep in mind when doing so in order to preserve the color and longevity of your clothing.